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July 9, 2009
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CP: Observer by Amarena-Berry CP: Observer by Amarena-Berry
edit: Yeah, changed bg because *Chibi-Metal ordered it. Hope it looks better now~

Very very very late contest prize from my last contest for *Chibi-Metal, ~BouhGorgonzola and =Meltina

The actual prize was a full-colored pic including a character of the winner and Sleina herself... but since i had three winners and didn't wanted to draw three different pictures, I put four completely different characters on a single sheet... uh, I know the idea is lame, but heck, try to get those characters together on one picture without making them just standing randomly around or act out of character - to me, quite impossible. And now they watch Selina reading.

I am really sorry I took so darn long, it's poor, I know... but the first try was even poorer. And I actually like every pose. Didn't wanted to make a background because the characters took long enough already... I hope you understand. And I hope all the winners won't kill me because they had to wait so long for this really poor picture... oh well. |D

Oh, and I request critique although I know the shadings are a bit poor... and don't wail about there's no background, I know it's not there but it would have taken me too long, okay? Four characters at once have been enough for me, seriously.

But somehow, I feel really glad that I could draw all of these really wonderful characters. Enjoy~

Blade the... uh... ketchup-tin! © :iconchibi-metal:
Amaterasu the Jackal © :iconbouhgorgonzola:
Sky "Himmel" the Catgehog © :iconmeltina:
Selina and Art © :iconamarena-berry:
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Critique time :D
Well, first of all I guess I'll... comment on every character on their own, going from the right to the left~

:bulletblue: Himmel
Meh, I personally think that you did a good job on him. The pictures Meltina drew of him were always quite detailled (like most of their work) and you managed it pretty well to draw him in your style. I also like his pose pretty much and yeah, all the crinkles are set on the right place. I just think that his right eye (from our point of view) has a... somehow a little bit weird form and somehow I think you could've shaded it better.

:bulletblue: Amaterasu
I loved him on the preview most somehow and I personally think that he turned out best. His expression is... cool and with those googles and all... yeah. Actually I can't spot anything that irritates me in any way if I look at him lol

:bulletblue: Selina
Hmm, Selina is quite... well on the one hand I must really say that I am impressed by her pose and this expression... THAT'S Selina *cough* And of course, good job on the crinkles and the coloring and all. The add of a book is a quite nice idea as well and it also got text on the pages now. But somehow the left part of her front hair (our point of view) buggs me somehow and also the light reflexions could've done better if you ask me. Like... making it a little bit more wavy and make it more fit on the hair *has problems to describe it* you know... this way it looks like all of her hair bangs would be like a flat layer because of those reflections. And I know that this is sometimes hard to do *cough* at least it's hard if you ask me.

:bulletblue: Blade
Ketchup tin <3 You drew him perfectly and I can't spot any mistakes on him, neither in the design nor in the shading. I'm surprised that you managed it to make his body look like metal, I actually fail at those things. And his pose is interesting, hope he won't fall on his nose this way XD Just.... where did that 'o o? speechbubble' go? It seriously fit in there. You got to tell me how to draw poses like this o o

Soo, that about the characters and yes, I read the describtion, but still... somehow a background is still missing. Don't punch me in the face for this - it looks a bit weird with that gradient in the background. It was a nice idea, but I think it would may have looked better with out it. And... just for a tip in case of you want to do an easy background once again: What about something like a mirror ground? The only thing you have to do is to copy the characters and frip them vertical:
Edit » Transform » Flip vertical

Then... just a little bit of scale and adding a gradient to transparent and it looks quite good. But that's just a little tip, you know? :3

Nonetheless it's quite visible that you put a lot of effort and work in this and it's not poor >: | I wouldn't be able to draw a picture with more than three characters in this time with such an amount of details and such varity of poses. As you said, the characters are all... quite different to each other and placing them on one picture together (in a way that is not completely senseless) is hard. You did a good job on this, so don't worry. I really like it, therefore... thanks a lot for spending so much effort in this picture :+favlove: I bet the others will like it as well :3

*cough* I want to know what's written in this book *cough* I mean... I'm sure that these are their plans for world domination, they are going to build something to pwn us all D:
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Neko-Mizo Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what is the all black characters name and whos char is it?
Amarena-Berry Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
His name is Amaterasu and he's one of ~BouhGorgonzola's character. You won't find any other picture of him here on dA or anywhere alse because she's more a writer and I'm the one who has the duty to give those characters (with a little help of the characters' profiles) a design. xD
Neko-Mizo Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like hi and he helped me make a new character that i cant draw DX
Sorain26 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Student General Artist
Awesome job, well done with the shading.
Gin-Karasu-Blade Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I love this 1 X3, all of the character look great X3 ~hugs the picture~ ^^

"Blade the ketchup tin" LMAO; i almost looled to death XD!!! ~drops out laughting~ XD WTF XD
Gin-Karasu-Blade Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I love this 1 X3, all of the character look great X3 ~hugs the picture~ ^^

"Blade the ketchup tin" LMAO; i almost looled to death XD!!! ~drops out laughting~ XD WTF XD
DeathR34PER Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009
Very very beautiful work on the posing of the characters and the field of it as well.
Tripp-X-Foxx Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Extremely COOL 8-)
Meltina Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
baww hunni sorry for delay, but when i see a piece of awesomeness, that deserves a billion of words, i lose all ideas x'D
the first time i was like "omg wtf is that a dream?!"xD lol you made it when i expected it least of all!8D nuuu, i know you're gonna use my confusion to seize power!T3T
i'm absolutely in love how you drew Himmy>3 i guess he thinks "why that girl reads a book without images?"xDD and you perfectly copied each detail of his wearing o___o i think you should hate us three for making such detailed characters xDD but you know, you're a great person, i love your art and ideas, you will never disappoint your watchers^^ thank you very-very-very much!>w< :iconnewglomp:
Amarena-Berry Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009
It really doesn't matter, I was just afraid that you didn't see it or anything... ir that it's been seriously that bad... *lacks of confidence* orz
But thank you so much. I'm glad that you like it this much in the end. Using your confusion...? Of cour... I mean, no. :B *shot*
Naw, not at all. I was really fun to draw Himmy, it's really fun! I really hope to get an occasion to draw him again soon. The other two chars weren't that bad either, I really enjoyed drawing all of them. :XD:
Awmygawd, thanks bunches, hun. I luv chuuuuu~ ;w; :iconfurryglompplz:
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